• Are there any limits or constraints on shipment requests? Yes:

    • Each individual shipping request is limited to 500 items - or a single item, depending on the destination. See Key Quantities. With the 500-key limit, you can order 500 keys of a single type, or 250 lanyards plus 250 keys of different types, or any combination that adds up to 500 items.
    • Bulk Shipment:
      • Each CSV file is limited to 1000 shipment requests
      • Each CSV file is limited to 10 MB
    • Address validation takes place every 15 minutes. This means that you might have to wait up to 15 minutes to find out if your shipment request has been queued for fulfillment (see Shipping Status Codes).
    • Non-subscription purchases: Shipment requests can be made for up to one year after a PO is submitted.
    • Subscription purchases: Time limits for shipment requests depend on the stock/inventory from which the products are drawn.

    The full list of options potentially available is given below. The actual list depends on what you have purchased. Explanations for the terms in the list are given in the table below the list. For more details on subscription and non-subscription purchasing, see Modes of Purchase.

    Full List of Inventory Types

    • Primary Subscr - Base Tier: Initial
    • Primary Subscr - Base Tier: Buffer
    • Primary Subscr - Base Tier: Replacement
    • Primary Subscr - Adv. Tier: Initial
    • Primary Subscr - Adv. Tier: Buffer
    • Primary Subscr - Adv. Tier: Replacement
    • Primary Subscr - Prem. Tier: Initial
    • Primary Subscr - Prem. Tier: Buffer
    • Primary Subscr - Prem. Tier: Replacement
    • Primary Subscr - FIPS Tier: Initial
    • Primary Subscr - FIPS Tier: Buffer
    • Primary Subscr - FIPS Tier: Replacement
    • Backup Subscr - Base Tier: Initial
    • Backup Subscr - Base Tier: Buffer
    • Backup Subscr - Base Tier: Replacement
    • Backup Subscr - Adv. Tier: Initial
    • Backup Subscr - Adv. Tier: Buffer
    • Backup Subscr - Adv. Tier: Replacement
    • Backup Subscr - Prem. Tier: Initial
    • Backup Subscr - Prem. Tier: Buffer
    • Backup Subscr - Prem. Tier: Replacement
    • Backup Subscr - FIPS Tier: Initial
    • Backup Subscr - FIPS Tier: Buffer
    • Backup Subscr - FIPS Tier: Replacement
    • Non-subscription - Base Tier
    • Non-subscription - Advanced Tier
    • Non-subscription - Premium Tier
    • Non-subscription - FIPS Tier
    • Standard Products
    Standard Products Subscription Non-subscription
    Standard products are
    physical keys purchased
    outright (on your PO
    you will not find
    “Standard Products”,
    but instead the actual
    products/models that
    you purchased).

    There is a primary
    subscription and a backup
    subscription for each
    tier (product grouping):
    Base, Advanced, Premium,
    and FIPS. Each of those
    tiers has Initial,
    Buffer, and Replacement
    sub-categories, explained
    in the table below,
    The non-subscription
    tiers are for virtual
    keys. Unlike
    subscription tiers,
    tiers have no

  • Does YubiEnterprise Delivery track YubiKey serial numbers? No.

  • What happens to YubiKeys purchased on a subscription basis after expiry of the corresponding PO/term? Any keys not shipped are forfeited, but the date of forfeiture or expiry depends on their inventory type: see “Are there any limits or constraints on shipment requests” above.

  • What happens to YubiKeys purchased outright (perpetual) after one year in inventory? YubiEnterprise Delivery enables customers to request shipments for up to 12 months after the initial PO. YubiEnterprise Delivery will hold the customer’s inventory, regular or custom keys. When the twelve-month period is up, YubiEnterprise Delivery will ship the remainder of the keys to the original customer address on file. The customer will also be notified 60 and 30 days prior to the period expiry via email.

  • What taxes will be charged to the customer? See Shipping.

  • How will the customer be invoiced for the cost of shipping and taxes or VAT charged on shipping? See Shipping.

  • How does Yubico handle customers who are exempt from VAT/sales tax? See Exemptions.

  • What Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is retained by Yubico? Yubico retains data only as long as necessary to operate our business and to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements. We do not use this data for any purpose other than meeting our obligations to our customers (e.g. shipping YubiKeys) and to comply with applicable laws. In accordance with export controls and tax law, Yubico is required to retain shipment data for up to five years.

  • What is the warranty on keys on a subscription contract? The warranty is extended to cover the full term of the subscription and applies as long as the subscription is active.

  • Where is YubiEnterprise Delivery available? YubiEnterprise Delivery is available in USA, Canada, EU, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. YubiEnterprise Delivery is not available in EU Overseas Countries or Territories.

  • Can organizations that already have accounts with FedEX and UPS use those accounts with YubiEnterprise Delivery? No, at the moment, YubiEnterprise Delivery cannot use customer-provided shipping partner accounts.

  • Can Yubico’s security keys and YubiKeys be custom programmed by Yubico for a customer? Yes: the minimum initial order is 10,000 or more, with subsequent orders being at least 5,000.

  • What reports are available to customers to help better manage their YubiEnterprise Delivery? YubiEnterprise Delivery customers can log into the YubiEnterprise Delivery Console and access their purchase orders, shipment requests, address book etc. They can also download all their shipment requests and status / tracking numbers over the period.

  • Our business is based in the US but has locations in Europe. Can YubiEnterprise Delivery support distribution of YubiKeys in this setup? Yes, this use case is supported. A business headquartered in North America, but having office locations and users in Europe will be able to receive YubiKeys at their respective locations, including residential addresses.

  • We may need to have several people in the company place orders for YubiKeys. How does YubiEnterprise Delivery satisfy that requirement? Any individual who has administrative rights to the YubiEnterprise Delivery Console can place orders for keys through the console. Admins can be delegated across locations so that they can best gauge the numbers of users who will need YubiKeys and request shipments all at once, or over time as needed.