Shipping to Multiple Addresses

The information in Requesting Shipment applies to this method.

Use the YubiEnterprise Delivery template to create a bulk request in the form of a CSV file. Each row - i.e., each individual shipping request - is processed independently, so that problems with one request do not hold up subsequent requests.


Always download the latest version of the shipment spreadsheet template. When a new CSV template becomes available, the outdated version of the template no longer produces valid shipping requests. The CSV template is autogenerated based on your inventory. The CSV template changes frequently; for example, when:

  • Yubico releases new products in categories to which your organization is subscribed. Therefore, new fields are added to the template to take account of them.
  • We release a new version of the YubiEnterprise Delivery software that includes updates to the template.
  • You add new products to your inventory through a new PO. For subscription customers, the CSV thus has columns for all the keys in the subscription tier(s).

The CSV bulk upload capability does NOT support combining subscription and non-subscription products in a single shipment. If you want to a create shipment request that includes both types of products within a single shipment,see Using the API to Execute a Shipping Request) or Using the Console to Ship to a Single Address).


When requesting shipment to multiple addresses,

  • The columns of your own CSV file must correspond exactly to those in the CSV template.
  • Include the header row from the template in your own CSV file.
  • The columns with table cells that have limits on the number of alpha-numeric characters (including spaces) are shown below. Not all columns have limits.
  • The products listed in the bulk_shipment_template.csv are only those your organization has purchased. The table below in Shipment Request Fields lists all products.
Step 1:

Click Create shipment request. The New shipping request popup appears:


New shipping request popup

Step 2:

From the Bulk Shipment tab of the New shipping request popup, click Download shipment spreadsheet template (csv), the name of which is bulk_shipment_template.csv.

This button is not to be confused with the Download CSV button next to the Shipment request button on the Shipments tab.

Step 3:

Get the country codes required for populating this file: still on the Bulk Shipment tab of the New shipping request popup, click Download available countries (csv).

Step 4:

Save the CSV file preparatory to populating it with your information. The only purpose of the filename is to enable you to identify it correctly when you upload it. The following steps call out only certain fields. Shipment Request Fields below covers all the fields.

Step 5:

In the InventoryType column, enter the integer for your shipment request:

Integer inventory_type (Stock) Purchase Mode
1 YubiKey Shipment Outright purchase
2 YubiKey Tier SKU Shipment Purchase of virtual keys
3 Subscription - Initial Shipment Subscription
4 Subscription - Buffer Stock Shipment Subscription
5 Subscription - Replacement YubiKey Shipment Subscription
Step 6:

The ChannelPartnerId column also calls for an integer. To find out what that integer is, either:

  • On the Console, go to the PO popup (by clicking on the Purchase order number on the Purchase orders tab)
  • On the Console, go to the Single shipment tab on the Console and from the Channel partner name dropdown, select the desired name. The Channel partner ID field automatically populates with the selected partner’s ID.

Enter that ID in the ChannelPartnerId column of the CSV file.

Step 7:

When you have finished populating the CSV file, on the Bulk Shipment tab, click Choose file, select your CSV file, and then click Upload. Some pre-checks are performed on the CSV file when you upload it. A notification appears under the Upload button when your file is uploaded successfully.

You are prompted to confirm the file you are uploading (by line count).

If you later find that there were errors in the uploaded file, you can delete some or all of the rows (see Editing or Deleting a Shipment and/or Deleting Multiple Shipments).


It can take some time before your requests appear in the list of shipment requests. Always allow time for corrections in case the system finds addresses marked as Incomplete - see below, Reviewing Incompletes.

Shipment Request Fields

In the table below, all fields not marked as mandatory are optional. The Limit column displays the maximum number of alphanumeric characters permitted per field/table cell.

Shipment Request Fields
Console: Field Label
CSV: Column Heading
Description Limit
Country code
Mandatory. Country code from available_countries.csv 2
Company recipient Mandatory if name of recipient is not provided 20
First name
Name of recipient. Mandatory if company name not given 15
Last name
Recipient’s family name. Mandatory if company name not given 20
Address 1
Mandatory. First line of address 60
Address 2
Mandatory if address not deliverable without (e.g. suite #) 60
Address 3
Not supported for expedited/rush orders 60
City Mandatory. City, town, or township 60
Mandatory for US and Canada, and also mandatory if
address is not deliverable without. (See footnote A)
Abbreviations OR full names
Zipcode or postal code 50
Email address of recipient 40
Telephone number of recipient 40
Type of shipping, Normal (1) or Expedited (2).
Integers (mandatory for API) OR words
InventoryType Mandatory. See Step 4 in procedure below.
Mandatory. If inventory was purchased directly from
Yubico, enter “1”; otherwise enter the ChannelPartnerID
shown on the PO, as described in Channel Partners
Security Key NFC by Yubico Number of keys to be shipped 3
Yubikey 5 NFC Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5 Nano Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5C Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5C Nano Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5Ci Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5 Bio Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5C Bio Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey Lite Bio Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey Lite C Bio Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey FIPS Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey Nano FIPS Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey C FIPS Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey C Nano FIPS Number of keys to be shipped 3

Footnote A: To find out if an address is deliverable, make a shipment request and see what status code or message it gets. Deliverability is determined by our shipping partners, and it is their codes and messages we display when it comes to questions of deliverability. For a fuller explanation, see Troubleshooting.

Deleting Multiple Shipments

This capability applies only to requests that are still editable. To delete multiple shipment requests simultaneously,

Step 1:

On the Shipments tab, go to the Actions list dropdown, and select Bulk operations. The Bulk Operations screen appears, showing only the shipment requests that can be deleted (i.e., those that have not yet been processed).

Step 2:

Select the checkbox in the header row, then hit the Delete shipments button on the upper right. The selected shipment requests are deleted.

To revert the Select all action, i.e., to deselect all the shipment requests, click the checkbox in the header row again.

To file a support ticket for YubiEnterprise Delivery, click Support.